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Our team of dedicated security specialists is ready to assist you at every step, from detection to resolution.

1. Triage

With our fully managed triage system, you never need to directly communicate with the hacker. We take care of all interactions and reward management. Our team of security experts will manually examine the reports you receive, ensuring that you only receive findings of genuine concern, appropriately categorised by severity.

2. Cost-effective & Continuous

Prevent breaches by having the application continuously tested by our verified researches and only pay for valid, actionable security flaws. Unlike traditional upfront security assessments with unpredictable outcomes, this approach guarantees maximum value for your company’s investment. The continuous nature of this approach ensures that the application is tested for new threats, new application updates and features. This contrasts with traditional security assessments which are time-boxed and will only provide a snapshot of your security posture.

3. Visibility

Our goal is not just to identify vulnerabilities but to support you in addressing them thoroughly. Bug-Bounty stands by your side, ensuring that your digital assets remain secure. Our intuitive dashboard and advanced analytics empower you to track progress and continuously enhance your organization’s cybersecurity practices. Pentest-style reports for executives and technical teams provide the right information to the right people. Finally, verifiable certificates increase partner and customer trust in the company and help with legal compliance.

How it Works

1. Create a Program

We help you specify the scope of what is to be tested. This could range from web applications to mobile apps, APIs, or even IoT devices. Clear guidelines ensure that ethical hackers understand the boundaries and target areas for their testing.

2. Testing and Validation

Verified cybersecurity researchers from around the world will continually test the application according to the program created in step 1. Our expert team manually evaluates each report to ensure accuracy and legitimacy. Only valid and impactful reports that meet our are forwarded to you for remediation.

3. Eliminate Threats

Validated reports will appear on your dashboard. You will also be directly notified by us through email. The report will be well-defined with clear step-by-step instruction on how to reproduce the bug, the bug severity and urgency, and mitigation recommendations.

Continuous testing

Traditional security assessments are limited and time-boxed. As you roll out new features, updates, or face emerging exploits, their relevance wanes. Bug bounty programs provide a dynamic solution. Their continuous nature ensures that the latest version of the application is continually tested against the latest threats, delivering a current and comprehensive security perspective.

Early Threat Detection

Bug-Bounty’s proactive approach ensures you stay ahead of potential threats with early detection. Minimize potential damage by swiftly fixing vulnerabilities and preventing their exploitation, ensuring a smooth user experience and minimal business disruption.

Actionable Insights

With our solution, you get actionable, verified security issues and vulnerabilities. No CVEs and no false positives. Bug-Bounty’s detailed reports also provide clear guidance on necessary security improvements, helping you make informed decisions to enhance your defense strategy.


Attain verifiable certificates showcasing your commitment to cybersecurity compliance and regulations. These certificates increase partner and customer trust in the company knowing that you are doing everything in your power to ensure that your applications are as secure as possible.

Cost Effective

No upfront balance or deposits. Bug-Bounty’s pay-on-result model ensures you invest in security when vulnerabilities are discovered. Unlike traditional upfront security assessments with unpredictable outcomes, this approach guarantees maximum quality and value for your company’s investment.

Alert Fatigue Relief

Our triage team manages all communication with researchers, manually examines their reports and only sends you valid actionable ones that match your scope. As a result your organization can operate confidently, knowing that your applications are being constantly tested while being shielded from unnecessary distractions.

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