At Bug-Bounty, we provide a unique, fully managed, crowdsourced vulnerability disclosure platform. Our platform bridges the gap between companies and cybersecurity researchers under the supervision of our team. We handle everything on behalf of our clients and only forward valid, actionable reports. This includes report validation, testing and program creation. Our goal is to help companies secure their platforms, applications, and services by creating and managing bug bounty programs on our platform. By using our service, our clients can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities.

Our team of experts manages the entire process, from setting up the bug bounty program to identifying and verifying vulnerabilities, which allows our clients to focus on their core business operations.

We created Bug-Bounty to address the deficiencies of current methods, which are prone to false-positives in the case of automated scans and time-boxed in the case of pentests. As a result, both of these methods miss many vulnerabilities that criminals can exploit to gain access to systems. Our solution provides companies with continuous manual testing by thousands of researchers, which is not subject to these issues as individuals bring their own methods and can use automated tools if they choose to.

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